Hey Young World (The World is Yours)

A very good friend of mine introduced me to a quote about two decades ago. It quoted George Washington Carver, the inventor of products made from peanuts, and it has remained my favorite quotation ever since. It says, “No man has the right to come into this world and go out of it without leaving behind distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.” For most of my life I believed I was destined for greatness; I believed I was going to leave a legacy on the world and become someone important. I equated fame and riches with purpose and calling, and was therefore stricken by the quote which dared me to become somebody. Back then I was going to be a superstar: a successful actor, writer, and entertainment businessman. Reality has a way of changing our courses, however.

We all have dreams. Whether we hold on to the ones we swore would come true as we grew, or the ones that pop upon us by surprise later in our lives; we want to realize our inner fantasies. This blog is an attempt to integrate and assimilate it all, so that each day, as I move further towards my dreams, I may inspire, inform, entertain and persuade all of you to do the same.

When weblogs began to gain in popularity, I scoffed at the idea that it would catch on and others would be interested in learning and growing through one another. My faith in humanity has been challenged and changed over the course of the 39 years I have traversed these plains. In my attempt to “leave behind distinct and legitimate reasons” and purposes for this opportunity of life, I have created this tome and volume of blogs to instill my influence and inspire those with whom I come into contact. My academic background, professional experience and personal exposures have enrichened me and enripened my life so that I may be of service to others.

Life is fleeting. Life is temporary. Everything that lives is born to die. The most important time we have is right now. Purpose is not going to meet us at the corner store, and Opportunity rarely knocks of its own volition. The aspects of our lives that are drawn to us are drawn of our own hand. We wake up each day to take advantage of this divine opportunity to shine and actually smell the roses.

Recently, I realized how much of our time is scheduled and done in rote when I was inadvertently put on hold and everything came to a halt. Readjusting my life to not being able to work, the inability to walk or to even take care of my own basic necessities gave me greater insight into my human spirit, even though my disability is temporary. This re-education has shown me that many times we accomplish, but do not appreciate; we endeavor, but do not experience; and we achieve, but do not celebrate. As we begin another year, it is my duty to remind us all of the times we are having and to take the time to take over the world! None of us has the right to waste this life we have been given and each of us has the responsibility to leave behind a legacy, some heritage and purpose that others can speak about when they mention our names. It is, in fact, our reason for living.