Dear Linc:

As I stand on the precipice of my fortieth year, I felt that we should have a conversation where we can reflect on the last ten years and work through the next ten years. Life is a series of trials, triumphs and tribulations, and the best we can do is be prepared for what may come. From our strong foundation, assiduous parents, and strong mind to the many opportunities and contingencies we have experienced, this life has been a charmed life, even at the lowest of times.

Over the last ten years, I have grown considerably.Through credentials and crises, each challenge changed me. I set goals, made mistakes, learned from my experiences and challenged myself to achieve more, become more significant. My greatest hope is that there is a legacy attached to the name Lincoln Duane Johnson that lives long after my physical body is no longer useful. Much of what we have done so far is in preparation for that idea to come to fruition. I do not know when our final day will be, but I do know that we must commit to doing the very best we can, everything in our power, to achieve as much as we can in the time that we have. The proverbial clock is ticking.

Next year, after the addition of a prefix to our name, a ten year plan will be employed. The years 40 – 49 are crucial to further career development, as I have given you a research interest and have set the ball in motion for books to be written, ideas to be shared and lives to be changed. It is my hope that you have taken the ball and run with it! It will not be and has not always been easy, but we can do it. The family, our wife and kids, accomplishments and accoutrements have made us into the Lincoln we are now, and will become. Live life with purpose; give life with precision.