I am a generally genuine person. I am personable as well as interpersonal. Professional. Trained in the ways of a true gentleman. 

A geek with a bad streak. Immature. Indecisive. Moody. Emotional and sensitive. Judgemental. Silly. Entertaining. Helpful. Supportive. Arrogant and Self-centered. Try to be sly and sneaky. Step right up to all this right here. 

Purported playa, money chaser, Sunday brunch time waster. Hella cautious and scary. Won’t fight until the senses ain’t caring. 

Yet after all of that, there are a few of you who see my authentic/deliberate self. Unhinged. Unbridled. Fun. On One. Bout that life. ‘There go Linc’. Followed by chants of ‘go Big Linc! Go Big Linc! And boy, does Big Linc go. Some of y’all have seen it in real life. Overexcited. Over zealous. And over arrogant. I go from Dr Linc J to Compton high in 9.83 seconds. Within reason, but Easily. Charmingly. 
My homies who called and did a telephonic intervention tonight shed some light. I appreciate my homies and love them like brothers. I’m who I am partially because of my interaction with them. I have a small circle, but it is endangered, highly valued and valuable.
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